It’s trendy to customize your travels instead of pre-defined programs by Travel Agencies. You can enjoy more experience outside of touristy and overcrowded places. And that’s why it’s great to live with locals.

Help needed for young Cambodian generation

One third of Cambodian people are children under 14 years old. It’s still hard for the country with insufficient numbers of adults to cover economic growth after genocide in seventies. And as you have the problem to get enough employees for businesses, it’s even more problematic to have enough skilled teachers.

Bring English to Khmer-only schools

In spite of the fact that English is crucial for success here, public schools don’t teach English and only a few parents are able to pay for private English classes. That means that most of the current generation of children are predetermined to miss the economic growth of this decade… but we can fight back!

Enjoy real Cambodian life

Cultural picture is very different with locals. Leave shiny hotels with their tourist trap
s and live real local experience instead. Understand Khmer mentality and hospitality, discover our countriside life and enjoy yourself while doing something meaningful.

Sounds good?

Read more about experience of one of our volunteer traveller or questions you may have about volunteer teaching.