Oasis Capsules have been listing Booking.com for 6 months now and collected 229 reviews from past guests. In fact, one of the reasons Oasis Capsules first chose to work with Booking.com was because Booking.com is a very reliable booking site and giving us great exposure and giving our guests the opportunity to leave a review on a global travel forum.

More than ever all the travellers rely on other people’s opinions to make their purchasing decisions and Oasis Capsules think our reviews have become a major selling point for our hostel in Siem Reap. No matter how many times we tell people how great our hostel is, booking.com have boast all the marketings for Oasis Capsules into every areas.

After 6 months of operation – Oasis Capsules hostel team has achieved the award from Booking.com 9.5/10 score. Oasis Capsules team have a very high commitment to maintain our services and our hospitality even better in future. Below is the award message from the Booking.com

Great guest experiences happen thanks to you

It’s time to celebrate! Your hard work, dedication and passion have been recognized by guests, and their reviews earned you a 2016 Guest Review Award.

Your award is already on its way, but you don’t have to wait to start sharing your success online. Click below to download your digital award and share it with the hashtag #guestsloveus.

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